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Customized Programs to Accommodate Your Specific Language Needs

One-on-one language instruction is an excellent and sometimes necessary choice for many students. If you are looking for flexibility and personal attention, our Private Instruction Programs are a great option. You may want to consider Private Instruction if:

  • You wish to work at your own pace
  • You need to schedule your lessons around an unusual or unpredictable work and travel schedule
  • You are looking for highly personalized, content-specific instruction

Once you've decided to begin we'll arrange your schedule and set you up with one of our top-notch instructors. You can even sign up with a colleague, friend or family member to share the tuition and adventure of learning a new language.

Private Instruction gives you the ultimate in personal attention and practice.  The prices listed below apply to "more commonly taught" languages which include English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian and Spanish. Instruction in "less commonly taught" languages is available at special rates.

The following prices do not include materials, which will vary according to the language and the length of the course. A fully refundable deposit of $100 is required.  Single lessons available at $65 per hour.

Course length


50 hours


25 hours


15 hours


For Your Group of Three or More

We offer special programs for business, social, religious and educational groups of all kinds. These programs function much like our Private Instruction Programs in that the participants may select the day, time and frequency of class meetings. This is the easiest and most convenient way to provide foreign language instruction for your group or organization. Lessons can be conducted at our facilities or at your location.


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