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University Language Center (ULC) has been a trusted, reliable source of language-related services for both business and the general public for 20 years.

Our list of clients reads like a Who's Who of international firms in the region. Among the thousands of documents we have translated thus far are a 5,000-page software manual for the Chinese government, a 20-page employee attitude survey (into 17 languages!), a 90-page clinical study, and an instruction guide for a highly specialized medical product.

ULC is able to combine the personalized attention usually associated with free-lance translators with the comprehensive facilities and staff of a large agency. You can count on our flexibility, competitive prices and uncompromising service on every project.


Human Resources

The most important step in any translation project is the selection of a translator whose skills match your specific project. To find the right translator - or team of translators - for your job, we start with our 50 core staff members. Then, depending on the scope of the project, we can expand the search to 5,000 international scholars at the University of Minnesota and to an additional 25,000 translators available through our international network.

At ULC, being a native speaker never automatically qualifies an individual to be a translator. Our translators are professionals who are sensitive to the unique tone and style demanded by each translation, and who can handle highly specialized assignments.

Documents translated for an audience of aerospace engineers require a completely different level of expertise and writing style than those for restaurant employees. We have medical, legal, scientific, engineering, advertising and general copyrighting experts to serve as principal translators, style editors, technical editors, and advisors.

Our emphasis on precise translator "matchmaking" - followed by our thorough translating, editing, production and proofreading procedures - ensures that your translated materials will read in a manner that is both accurate and appropriate for the end user.


Technical Resources

Document production has dramatically changed over the years. ULC has the state-of-the-art software and hardware necessary to meet your needs. We can interface with almost any software in virtually any language. And, your document can be provided to you in your choice of format: hard copy or magnetic medium. Our standard software includes Latin and Cyrillic alphabets, and a range of Asian characters.

In addition, we can provide complete word processing and desktop publishing .



Our systems are highly adaptable to your individual requirements. We know that your translation needs do not always occur during regular business hours. For that reason, we can be available evenings and weekends to help you meet your deadlines.

The bottom line? You can count on ULC to deliver on time and on budget - while maintaining the standard of quality you expect.




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