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You just found out you're being transferred to Frankfurt.
The family is planning a once-in-a-lifetime trip to France.
You realize that Spanish is widely spoken throughout the United States and you'd like to join the conversation.
Whatever your reasons for wanting to learn a foreign language, University Language Center offers you a refreshingly new and effective way to read, write, speak and understand another language


A Program With a Difference

Does your experience learning a foreign language include memorization of lengthy vocabulary lists, scores of complex grammar rules and tedious repetition of meaningless phrases? Do you still cringe when recalling your embarrassment at having to recite in class? If so, you will be relieved to discover the joy of learning another language as it is practiced at University Language Center.

After a lesson or two at ULC, students relax and adapt to our comfortable, stress-free classrooms, stimulating methods of instruction and the concept that learning a second (or third) language can be as easy, painless and fun as learning your first.


Here's Our Secret

The Secret to our success--and yours--is an innovative approach known as Accelerated Learning. Our Accelerated Learning model is a compilation of highly effective teaching techniques based partly on the work of Dr. Georgi Lozanov, the renowned Bulgarian researcher. Dr. Lozanov has proven that by eliminating the tension, stress and preconceptions that inhibit learning, performance can be greatly enhanced. His methods have found particular favor in Europe, where proficiency in second and third languages is the norm rather than the exception.

This system, a result of detailed studies into how the human mind actually learns, is based on these key principles:

  • Effective language teaching engages both the analytical, rational and verbal skills of the left brain and the emotional, intuitive, non-verbal aspects of the right brain.
  • The unconscious mind is just as important as the conscious mind in the acquisition of new information.
  • The brain is most receptive to accepting new stimuli when in a relaxed and alert state.
  • The teacher is not so much a "fountain of knowledge" as the architect of an environment in which students feel both inspired and empowered to learn


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