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Learning to Speak a 2nd language is a Great Idea!
In the United States, millions of families speak a language other than English at home. Both Spanish and Chinese are widely spoken throughout the world.
Learning a second language at a young age enhances a child's overall language skills and produces lifelong benefits:
  • Children who study a foreign language increase their mental flexibility and creativity
  • Transfer skills used between their first and second languages
  • Improve their understanding of English
  • Learn to understand, appreciate, and respect  diverse cultures
Let's Speak Spanish - or Chinese!
Welcome to the leading before and after school language enrichment program in the Twin Cities.
We are a Minneapolis based business offering language instruction for children and adults, translating, interpreting and proficiency testing services since 1985.
In the mid-1990s, we responded to the parent-led demand for high quality foreign language instruction by developing Hablemos Español!.  We are excited to offer Chinese for Children as well. We provide a rich, meaningful language learning experience for hundreds of students in K-8 schools throughout the metro. 
Teaching Methods & Curriculum
We design our curriculum using the latest in language acquisition research and teaching methods. 
ULC specializes in Accelerated Learning, a method defined by a whole-mind, whole-body approach that engages all of the senses in the learning process.  Children respond especially well to our classroom-tested dynamic activities that combine movement, music and art to boost language acquisition.
The "Immersion Classroom"
Children learn foreign language best when their native language is not used for the instruction.  
Remember that a child develops comprehension skills in their first language long before they speak their first words. Our teachers use the target language as much as 95% of the time and use English on a limited basis to support comprehension in the first few lessons. Children are extremely adaptable to this communication strategy and adjust in about 3 to 5 classes.
Our Teachers
Our professional commitment to excellence in language acquisition attracts the best & brightest educators from a worldwide pool of talent. 
Each instructor has the proficiency of an educated native speaker, a bachelor's degree or higher in education or a related field, and has demonstrated effectiveness in working with children. They nurture the innate gift children have of learning a new language.

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