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Service Levels


Not every translation requires the same level of precision. For this reason, we offer you a choice of service levels and prices. At ULC, you pay for what you need.


Level I: "I just need to know what it says."

A Level I translation is the equivalent of the translators' first draft. It will be obvious to the reader that the document has been translated. The completed translation requires a high level of background information or extra effort to be understood. (Examples: personal letters, business correspondence for reference purposes.)


Level II: "It needs to be accurate, but not perfect."

A Level II translation will be accurate and literal, but the writing style may be a bit awkward. The finished work can be easily identified as a translation from another language. It can be understood with relative ease by an uninformed reader. (Examples: business correspondence, trade journals, business documents.)


Level III: "It has to be perfect."

A Level III translation is completely accurate, with little or no evidence of the original language. The finished document can be understood as if it were originally written in the target language. It has undergone editing, revisions and proofreading by several translators. (Examples: personal documents for official use, business correspondence for external use, advertising and promotional materials, legal documents, technical manuals, etc.)

We have served over 5,000 corporate clients and individuals throughout the country. Since our founding in 1985, we have maintained our commitment to complete client satisfaction.



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