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Teachers and Environment


A Total Learning Environment

We believe that the character of the space in which you learn greatly affects the quality of your learning experience. From the moment you walk in the door, you'll notice that our classrooms don't look at all like traditional classrooms. Our bright, cheerful rooms are filled with a multitude of visual stimuli including colorful posters, wall hangings, plants, and a varied collection of language-teaching materials. These materials provide you with target language, grammar and vocabulary. Their indirect presentation greatly enhances comprehension and long-term retention. If you are a visual learner you'll find these materials very helpful.

Comfortable chairs are arranged in an informal semi-circle without the confinement of desks or tables. This casual arrangement creates an ideal language learning environment and promotes more personal attention from instructors.

We use many different types of music in our classrooms--for our unique "concert readings," to teach songs and also to create a more authentic atmosphere. You'll find our classical, modern, traditional and popular selections to be a valuable addition to your lessons.

Your fellow students will be anywhere from 20 to 70 years old who have one thing in common: they're eager, motivated adults who want to learn a new language. In most cases they're taking a class for their own personal interest, travel plans or business opportunities.

We use an array of language-specific and general games and activities to facilitate learning. The games we played as children helped us develop a variety of language skills. Games in the foreign language classroom serve a similar purpose and are an effective means of acquiring a second language.


Teachers Who Bring Out The Best in You

Think of your favorite teacher... Isn't it someone who was dynamic, entertaining, patient, caring and informative all at the same time? Wasn't it someone who made the material "come alive" and made learning fun and easy? All the teachers at ULC are just like that.

Your instructor has multiple personalities! Throughout the duration of your course your teacher will be an actor, artist, magician, mime, singer, conductor, coach, friend, leader, facilitator, cultural resource and, of course, language expert.

Our instructors have degrees in the fields of education, psychology, language and literature. They are selected not only for their language skills (proficiency equivalent of an educated native speaker), but also for their ability to help you learn a new language in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere. Most important of all, they are committed to making your language learning experience the most successful you've ever had!


A Matter of Style

At ULC we understand how people learn. Some of us learn best in a group and others prefer to learn alone. For some, music and movement enhance learning. Others prefer a more logical, linear approach. While each of us may have a preferred learning style, most of us use a combination of styles to acquire new information. Recognizing this, our curriculum addresses a wide range of individual learning styles and involves all of your senses. Assuring your ultimate comprehension and retention is our goal


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